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Witch Hunters 2: Full Moon Ceremony Collector's Edition Game

An old mirror reveals a terrible secret when a strange creature suddenly emerges and begins terrorizing your home. But you soon learn he’s just a lackey for an even bigger threat - a group of evil witches who want to take over the world! Stopping them won’t be easy, though. Your whole house has been enchanted with a series of deadly tricks and traps. A trip down the hallway is now a dangerous battle of will and wits. Can you overcome the obstacles and send the witches packing?

Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony Standard Edition for PC! Defeat the evil witches and save the world from eternal darkness! Standard Edition for Mac:

Witch Hunters 2: Full Moon Ceremony Download PC Game

Witch Hunters 2: Full Moon Ceremony Collector’s Edition Download PC Game on Gamekicker! Defeat a group of witches!