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Feather tattoo with birds♥

Beautiful bird back piece by Tim Kern #InkedMagazine #bird #back #tattoo #tattoos #Inked #backtattoo #beautiful

Tattoos, Artists & Girls | Style & Culture | Inked Magazine

Cupcake Tattoos - Inked Magazine

Colorful fish tattoo by Ivana Belakova #InkedMagazine #fish #tattoo #tattoos #art

Ivana Belakova - Inked Magazine

Beautiful poppy tattoo by Ivana Belakova #InkedMagazine #poppy #flower #floral #art #tattoo #tattoos #Inked #ink

Ivana Belakova - Inked Magazine

This persons etsy shop looks awesome. Haven't bought anything yet, but I'm about to! I love all the gauges! In the pic: Sugar skull tunnels plugs for gauged or stretched ears: 4g (5mm),2g (6mm), 0g (8mm), 00g (10mm), 7/16 (11mm), 1/2 (12mm) via Etsy

Iemanja tattoo

Iemanjá... - dadatattoostudio

Wolf & Leopard

Nice and simple city heart tattoo Design by Aaron Bouvier

Ryokan, a Zen master, lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of a mountain. One evening a thief visited the hut only to discover there was nothing to steal.Ryokan returned & caught him. “You've come a long way to visit me & you should not return empty-handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.” The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes & slunk away. Ryoken sat naked,watching the moon. “Poor fellow,” he mused, “I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon.”

Cheshire cat tattoo.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo- love the quote- maybe with a vine and roses

Pretty Om symbol tattoo