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And the Verdict Is...

Of course this worked. I actually used the empty rolls from other wrapping papers.

Sweet and Savory By Sarah: Almond Sheet Cake. Awesome results! I used a slightly smaller than 9x13 and the cake was very moist and dense. Next time I will use a true 9x13.

Cream Cheese Grits. Perfect creamy grits. Better suited for dinner instead of breakfast. I tried them with the sausage, crescent roll casserole and the meal was a little heavy. I will definitely use this recipe with a shrimp or fried fish dinner.

This is the time of year when I start trying new recipes in search of the perfect Christmas morning breakfast. I tried this today and paired it with the creamy grits I pinned earlier. It was very easy and delicious. The crescent roll crust was a little sweet; hot sausage might counteract some of the sweetness. It would be best served with fresh fruit

Firecracker Cookies! 4th of July idea! These were easy and good- that is the right combination when talking cookies. I will definitely make them for the fourth using red and blue sprinkles instead of the Easter colors I had on hand.

Butternut Squash Flat Bread with Cheddar and Pine Nuts. Probably one of the (many) best things I have ever eaten. Yes it is that good. We opted for walnuts instead of pine nuts and were very pleased. So, so good.

Oreo Cake. This was ok, but I will not make it again. I think I did something wrong because it was just a cake with pudding on top. I don't even like Oreos.

Super easy and delicious. Put them on in the morning and came home to wonderful baked potatoes.

They called these Krispy Kreme muffins so of course I had to read it. In the end I made the glaze from the recipe and used it on homemade doughnuts made from canned biscuits. It was AWESOME! Don't think I will ever get to the muffin part but will definitely use the glaze often.

Hostess Cupcakes. I made these for Kellie's birthday. They were beautiful, delicious and somewhat tedious. The creme was wonderful and it wasn't hard to fill the cupcakes thanks to a cookie press. The difficult part was dipping the tops in the frosting. Some tops came off! They were still worth the effort and I will make them again.

Cut Chenille baby blanket. This was so much fun- six and a half hours to be exact. The technique resulted in a soft and cozy quilt for my soon to be grandson Ryder. I ended up backing the top fabric with a piece of white flannel due to a light background. I will make another one!