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Steampunk clockwork birds and bees brooch by tinyminds on Etsy, $34.00

Hanafuda Japanese playing cards

景色の形式 68 : 風流荘風雅屋

Satsumakiriko / A Japanese traditional-handicrafts article

チットラッツ : TARAの旦那がだらだら書く日記 2.0

Alhambra. Granada Spain. Moorish Architecture. (1333–1353)

japanese indigo tableware, pots, cups

Japanese kimono textile

【野庵】庵主 毬詠/marie いとをかしな日々: 2014年5月

3D printed Spider guitar

Chromatophobic: Olaf Diegel

steam punk bird

Clockwork Sparrow - Worth1000 Contests

Japanese manholes - each town within Japan’s prefectures has its own unique cover.

Japan's Sewer Holes Aesthetically Amazing | WIRED

Christmas Card by Linda Solovic, via Behance

3D Printed Crania Anatomica Filigre (Small) $95

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Christopher Ries – Trabajos en cristal

Vidrio « Nueva dirección:

Japanese poster of Super Komachi Shinkansen bullet train スーパーこまち

Kamon 家紋 - Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. Similar to the coats of arms in Europe.

Pochi-bukuro - There is a word "Kokorozuke" (gratuity) in Japan. It express your sense of gratitude. When you hand money over to someone you can show your heartfelt appreciation by using "Pochibukuro" (small paper envelop) in Japan.

Vase, Francois-Eugene Rousseau, 1878, Paris, glass, mould blown, decorations engraved and enamelled with applied relief, Victoria and Albert Museum.