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Priceless Classroom Rewards That Don’t Cost a Penny!

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

5th grade blog - I love these ideas for the beginning of the school year. It builds classroom community and begins setting up the expectations for the classroom.

Classroom Decor And Organization Ideas - This post is FULL of great ideas for making your classroom bright and colorful :)

All Students Can Shine: Classroom Decor And Organization

Homework checking made easy. I keep mine on a clipboard. This is great. I'm going to set this up for next years' class... I am the worst at checking homework!

Holy Cow this website is incredible! Pictures, files, and descriptions of how to set up/use a 5th grade classroom. So inspiring!

Sept. 5th is BE Late for Something Day! Here is a free single-page activity that goes along with it. Or use it for any other day you're late.

Dollar Store facial cleansers for individual dry erase marker board erasers!

The Crayon Box That Talked - Wouldn't it be terrible? Wouldn't it be sad? If just one single color was the color we had? If everything was purple? Or red? Or blue? Or green? If yellow, pink or orange was all that could be seen? Can you just imagine how dull the world would be if just one single color was all we got to see?

Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me! A great new way to use technology & web sites instead of the old popsicle sticks to pick students fairly and randomly! :)

Free app for iPhone called Remind101. Teachers can use it to text parents and students without them seeing your phone number! So neat! I think I will be using this for my parents next year!

Scholastic just launched a new website with great resources for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), including a useful book list, glossary, and updates on changes to the CCSS. • tips for parents about how to nurture a love of reading at home; • and a compendium of Scholastic’s instructional materials that will help teachers meet the Common Core.

iPad Apps for EVERY Classroom (Even if you have only 1 iPad)