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20 Fun Ways to Learn and Practice the Letters of the Alphabet

Free Gingerbread Man Packs Tot, PreK, and Kindergarten through 2nd

Junk Match Busy Bag / Activity Bag 1.13, easiest busy bag idea ever! I do recommend doing a practice trace of each object before your final. I was disappointed in a couple traces--surprised at how they turned out--not as distinctive as I would have thought.

Alphabet Soup Sorters by Learning Resources at Gilt

AWESOME BUSY BAG IDEAS. The biggest collection of busy bag ideas I have seen!

make a dry-erase book your kids will love! include coloring pages, workbook pages, blank pages, word games and mazes, etc. put them in page protectors and then put them all in a binder. dry erase crayons are key - they're washable! check out this tutorial for some great tips and great links for coloring & activity pages.

Some of the best iPhone/iPad apps for your little humans.

Fun Scientific Sensory Play with Bubbling Concoctions

120+ activities for 1-4 year olds. This list is really fabulous.

Homemade pet jelly fish. that's about the neatest thing EVER. I did this with my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class. Told them to bring in a bottle and a bag. Some of the kids brought it in and the rest of the kids thought it was dumb. After we did this project, the kids who thought it was dumb, didn't think so anymore. Kids who made them, named them and love them at home now.

a bunch of really fun ideas for toddlers

Calming Sensory Bottles Fill bottle one-fourth to one-third full with light corn syrup. Add mylar (shiny) confetti in the shape or shapes of your choice. Seal tightly using hot glue if available. Why It Is Calming Try it and you?ll see! The syrup glides down the sides of the bottle very slowly; bringing the confetti right along. No wonder this one is sometimes called a Stress Bottle! This is one of the kids crafts that is great for a child with ADHD when his or her mind seems to b...