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Use a reverse technique of a Freezer Paper Stencil T Shirt to create Disney shirts of favorite characters. |

Can't slow down your busy brain for a good night's rest? These 8 ADHD-friendly apps will help you catch those zzz's!

One of my favorite books

Oh wont be lonely long...ON MY WAY!

  • ashley hooper

    After years of men staring at my boobs instead of my face, slapping my ass and fearlessly trying to convince me to sleep with them, I'm pretty sure I have the devine right to stare at mans ass with complete and total vulgar intentions. Its your own fault, really.

  • Amber Chambers

    Doesn't look right...the rest of him is attractive but as far at the ass goes no thanks

  • Gage Hampel

    Oh the things i would do to him!!! I would drop to my knees instantly! Well my pants would fall off too!!!

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$1200 overlapping snips and slices of canvas, by Leslie Oschmann * Wood, canvas * 36"L, 44"W

i have a gun and i'm not afraid to use it!!

Put up a tent indoors.... The kids will probably love it and will be more likely to go to bed on time... Put their mattress inside the tent ... How fun!