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Afghan Size Calculator - The Crochet Crowd

Afghan Size Calculator - The Crochet Crowd

Afghan Size Chart- from preemie to king size for solid blanket, 6x6 squares, 8x8 squares, and 12x12 squares- So Handy!!

How to block squares made out of acrylic yarn. Customer Reviews: Take It Personally Deluxe Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit. "Made a blocking board out of a new product called Nu-Foam for the base, covered with a checkered vinyl tablecloth to use those lines to keep blocked work straight, inserted the rods as directed and they worked perfectly" Inspect and clean wires (sand if necessary) before using.

Seaddle Bags: Plastic Bag RugTo make yarn from plastic bags or T-Shirts, start at the bottom/hem. On the bags, snip off the bottom seam, then cut a spiral, about 1/2" to 1" wide, around and around until you reach the point on the handle/top where you cannot get your width any longer. An ordinary grocery bag will give you about 60'-80' of plarn.

Another way of cutting the plastic strips of plarn.

Crochet Dynamite: Fusing Plastic Bags

Flower Looms: Small Flower Join Tutorial

Connect your grannies at the corners and add an edge (works in the other direction too!).

Wow!! This is a program you can install for free in order to create your own crochet diagrams in circles and in lines!! There is a video in Portuguese to explain how it works but just look at it and you will get it!! I can stop playing with it!! to crochet a tube

Learn Freeform Crochet: 15 Free Tutorials to Get You Started