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word. february.

We’ve dreamt of becoming a highbrow French chef ever since we watched a culinary documentary called “Ratatouille.” Now, a restaurant in Paris is giving us our shot – they give a different amateur (pronounced am-a-TOUR) chef a shot at leading the kitchen every single night. #word

We’re digging this RFID technology being launched in Japan – essentially, you need to tell your power socket that it is you charging your device. Thus, if somebody steals your phone, they won’t be able to juice up the battery (juice up the battery is what our grandma says when she needs to charge the batteries in the puncher…which is what she calls the remote control). #word

We love that Ford included a fake swimsuit model in their Mustang advertisement featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. When readers Google her name (Dalena Henriques – which coincidentally is the name of our fake girlfriend who lives in Canada) they’ll find her personal website which features glamour shots of the Mustang. #word

Ford Sneaks a Fake Swimsuit Model Into 'Sports Illustrated'

Most people tell them we break them down, but we say, “It’s only to build you back up.” The people at the Raw Project are taking this to a new level: the team breaks down a product (using a hammer or blender), puts the pieces in a bag and then sells the bag with instructions on how to recreate the item using a 3D printer. #word

The word. team is split on emoticons. Half the team loves them, the other half thinks they are ridiculous and make business emails seem like texts between middle schoolers. But, all of us here at word. agree that Takuto Onishi’s app that turns pictures of your face into emoticons is pretty awesome for professionals and middle schoolers alike. #word

Every now and then, we like to check in on what’s big with our friends in Japan – it seems like they’re typically a few years ahead of us. Well, today we bring you a simple (BUT ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING) idea: a remote controlled dolly. Thanks Japan, you’ve done it again. #word

Common sense says “look out the window” or “check the weather” in the morning to know what the temperature will be. But here is the thing about being creative – you’re not always tops in the common sense department. That is why we LOVE this thermometer that gives you a physical representation of the temperature outside. Just touch the metal cube and you’ll know if it is appropriate weather for your lederhosen. #word

A new clothing line, Honest By wants the manufacturing cost to transparent to the consumer. So, they have decided to show the consumer exactly what they are paying for by giving a breakdown of the cost from button to yarn and even revealing the mark-up price. #word

We live in a society constantly connected: RT this, mobile upload that, but has it gone too far? In a move away from technology, Jake Reilly spent 90 days off the communication grid. In what he calls “The Amish Project,” he deleted all his social networking accounts and tossed his phone in the river, the end result? Watch the movie above. #word

The Amish Project, 90 Days Spent Off The Communication Grid

To drum up some publicity for his new book, Tucker Max turned to Sponsored Tweets, a service that allows advertisers to pay powerful Twitter users to run promotions for them. He custom wrote Tweets for some top Twitter celebs and sent in his requests in to their people. Here’s one he wrote for Audrina Partridge, “If Tucker Max’s new book, Hilarity Ensues, has taught me anything, it’ll be the first time I learned. Anything. Ever.” The parties receiving these requests were not happy and the site caught on to what Max was doing and banned his account for ethical violations. In the end, kid still got press for his new book. See you in hell, Max. #word

Augustus Gloomp will rejoice – we’re getting closer to a Wonka-like-world. Take, for instance, this edible balloon developed at Chicago’s Alinea restaurant. The balloon tastes of green apple and is filled with flavored helium you can inhale. #word