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This fantastic video reimagines 50 years of Doctor Who as an American production, with the Doctors variously played by the likes of Dick van Dyke, Gene Wilder, Donald Glover and… well, we don’t want to spoil them all, but their choice of Twelfth Doctor is particularly brilliant.

To add she was able to see River Song who was saved to the library database before dying...I accept this theory.

Can we get this person explain the reichenbach fall?!

"On his weekends, Moffatt is known to go get beers with Satan and Joss Whedon. The three of them throw peanuts at the bartender and laugh at his pain."

Welcome to doctor who - enjoy your stay

I love David Tennant In Places He Shouldn't Be.

Finally!!!!! List of all the doctor who "minisodes" with WORKING links! :D These mini episodes were for the children in need, comic relief or extra online specials.

Classic Doctor Who characters reincarnated

:'( River Song's Timeline - If you have any confusion about River's timeline this is the video to watch. Narrated by River herself. "We go way back, that man and me. Just not this far back." It's so much more sad to see it from her angle.

The Future is the Future (Human Doctor & Rose) (sad at first but worth it) must find where this is from. I didn't know this existed.