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Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Working to end sexual violence in Maryland. Follows and repins do not imply endorsement.

Never feel guilty for saying no. It's your choice. Your decision. Your body. Your everything.

We must all learn to change the way we think of each other to remove prejudice, hate, sexism, etc. from our society. Happiness Quote From Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love

Cosplay is not consent -goes for both men and women. Ask before taking a picture and keep wandering hands to yourself.

Cosplayers Unite For Anti-Con-Creeping. Geeks for consent. Cosplay doesn't equal consent.

The White House recently put out this PSA on sexual assault that targets men, teaching them not to rape, rather than reminding women not to get raped.

(TIME) -- “I think there’s safety in numbers. We see that in a lot of scenarios with sexual assault survivors. When there’s allegations, say, against a particular priest that becomes public, suddenly many other people who were abused by that person are okay with coming forward.” -- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz #rapehasnouniform

Just because she can't say no, doesn't mean you can kiss her.

Did you know -- The Superbowl is commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the US.

Burqa or bikini? Blame Rapists not victims...

"I didn't wear this for you! I wear it for me!" Cats Against Catcalling, courtesy of Hollaback! LA!