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Cream Caramel Apples recipe

Cream Caramel Apples recipe

Butterfly Snack Bags - an easy, healthy, and fun classroom snack for your kids. Step-by-step photos. You are limited only in your imagination, but this one is a balanced snack of cheese, crackers, and fruit.

Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom: Butterfly Snack Bags

Dreyer’s Mini Ice Cream Cakes: The best part about these delicious mini ice cream cakes? Everybody gets their own! The second best part? They’re easy to make! Just spread a layer of Chocolate ice cream in a small pan and top with crumbled cookies and a layer of Chocolate chip ice cream, re-freeze, and use fun-shaped cookie cutters to dish out individual cakes!

Dreyer's Mini Ice Cream Cakes

Pink white and yellow hello ketty cake

Hot pink black and white mini mousse cake

This may be the perfect snack. It's got something for everyone. It's a fudgy, crunchy, salty, chocolatey, easy-to-make snack. I made this for New Year's Eve and it's addicting.

Easy Rocky Road Popcorn Recipe

S'mores Fudge Pops, the perfect summer dessert recipe!

S'mores Fudge Pops - Deliciously Sprinkled

EAT DRINK PRETTY: A pretty purple and white dessert table

Purple rock candy, coconut candy, raspberry yogurt covered pretzels

Replace your favorite football teams name on the cake!

Hunter's Birthday cake — Birthday Cakes

Hello ketty and Minni mouse

Jack Skellington - Nightmare before Christmas

Jack Skellington - Nightmare before Christmas