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Don't waste $ on expensive 'crackle finish' paints, good ol' white school glue works! Instructions: 1.Paint wood surface with base coat paint and allow to dry thoroughly. 2.Brush White Glue on top of base coat. (A thicker coat results in larger cracks - apply a thinner coat for fine cracks.) 3.While glue is tacky, brush on top coat. 4.Dry completely.

black lace pumpkins

They're dollar store vases the inside lined w/ scrap book paper then embellished. Fill with your choice of filling (flowers,tissue paper, candy) u can even put a picture in between the paper & glass to personalize them a little more:)

Her entire blog is Awesome. Gadzillions of great decorating ideas for pennies!!! Looks like PotteryBarn

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

my wife made this Fiesta Wreath to celebrate Fiesta in San Antonio TX!!! This one was given to our neighbor as a gift or her Fiesta Party!!!

How to distress painted wood and furniture with Vaseline!

Blender Pen Transfer: DIY Solution: Blender Pen Refill Recipe 2 tsp. glycerin 4 tsp. distilled water ¼ tsp. rubbing alcohol **** NOTE: I recommend using the small recipe the first time. Even though it doesn't seem like a lot, it goes a long way. The pens really don't hold that much liquid. Store the extra in an airtight container. I used a Tupperware midget. I use a cotton swab instead of the pen and it works just fine