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parenting books : balance disciplining children for misbehavior with training children in r right behavior.

baby reveal party ideas! Celebrate baby without having a shower.

♥ 2013- I tried this bought bars then bought permanent marker to color, then the bad news that didn't work! Wipes off won't stay on. Don't use permanent marker not sure what they used but luckily I had ring pops and baby bottle bops I bought to reveal to my excited kids at home waiting that worked... got the color of sex. :)

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blue bow tie for a boy & pink hair bow for girl & add at tutu!!!!!...LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA for gender reveal baby shower (guests know the gender when they get the invite but parents find out at the shower)!!

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Newborn Care - a super detailed bullet list from doctors. This is the most helpful list I've seen about newborn care

36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent - BuzzFeed Mobile

I'm currently doing this. Sent "Beanie" audio of her heart rate, pictures of her sonogram, pics of the gender reveal, and just a few emails in general about how excited we are. Will continue to do so over the years. Can't wait to give her the password one day and let her unlock her time capsule! ❤️

Your child receives a quarter each time he helps out. Then he can "buy" from the house "store." Teach him about money & responsibility.

keep your child safe. A very good read.

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child with less discipline. | The Child Whisperer