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Grilling Recipes

No grilling experience is complete without one of these mouthwatering recipe ideas from Grill Mates.

This steak gets a smoky-sweet crust from the seasoning rub.

Great for a special occasion - delicious flavor from thyme and earthy mushrooms.

Beginners Guide to Grilling Fruit | Easy Grilling Tips | | Fresh fruit on the grill! Grilling fruit releases all of their natural sugars to caramelize it’s surface and burst with delicious juiciness in every bite! Just follow these simple steps and you will be creating grilled fruit dessert in no time!

Make these succulent baby back ribs for your next backyard gathering.

Montreal Steak Seasoning gives regular burgers a kick of flavor. Serve with havarti or blue cheese.

A smoky spice rub and sweet orange marmalade glaze makes these grilled short ribs a dinner favorite.

Use this handy how-to guide to make grilled corn the star side of your next BBQ.

Go global tonight with this tasty burger and accompanying Spanish-style sauce.

Fajita Friday, anyone? Grill Mates® Mexican Fiesta Marinade makes it easy and tasty.

Sweet corn finished with butter, seasoned salt and lime.

DIY your own Sriracha BBQ sauce.

Sesame seed, ginger and soy sauce = Korean deliciousness.