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Layers of caramel fudge, coffee fudge, and chocolate drizzles makes this fudge irresistible!

Caramel Coffee Fudge

Bridal shower!!!!! Soak strawberries in whipped cream flavored vodka for 24 hours then dip in melted chocolate and let set.Takes Chocolate Covered Strawberries to a whole new level!

Hearty Diet |

chocolate caramel pretzel bites. Great gifts idea

The Best Mom on the Block: Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

Fabulous Southern Pecan Pralines Recipe | per a NOLA chef, we call them 'prawleens'... in Georgia they're called 'prayleens' (and they're not made quite right)...

Fabulous Southern Pecan Pralines Recipe

Mocha Truffles Choose dark baking chocolate and slip in coffee liqueur for these sophisticated truffles. Serve with milk or strong coffee.

Pumpkin Fudge Set out squares of this pumpkin confection alongside chocolate fudge and a fruity sweet for a pretty, mouthwatering display of confections.

Chocolate Tea Bark Send guest home with a sweet reminder of tea time. Pack bars of this easy tea-topped bark in parchment and kraft boxes.

Chocolate Tea Bark

Frozen Kisses - Some of my very favorite treats while on low-carb...we eat these things all the time!

Better than Sex Chex Mix. Chocolate-smothered caramel, peanut butter candies, sweet marshmallows and crunchy chocolate Chex cereal

Pumpkin Pie Fudge = awesome homemade Christmas gift??

IMAGES SWEET PUMPKIN DESSERTS | ... Cottage Market: What's Cooking...Scrumptious Sweet Pumpkin Desserts

S'mores Bark - Lay out Graham crackers for the crust. Spread mini marshmallows, pour melted chocolate on it, let it cool. And Voila! S'mores bark.

We gathered a sampling of our best Christmas candy recipes into one place so you can pick and choose your favorites, from the easy to the elaborate, and the traditional to the modern.

Preheat 350. Rollo Stuffed Ritz Crackers-salty side down, place 1 Rolo / cracker. Bake 3-5 min to melt Rolo, then add another cracker on top and push down a little. Let cool. Sweet & Salty treat.

Mix together: 2 cups creamy peanut butter, 3 cup rice krispies, 1lb (3cup) powdered sugar, 1/4 cup melted butter. Make balls and dip in melted: 2 (maybe 3) packages milk chocolate chips. Put on cookie sheets in fridge to harden.