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Deployment :(

  • Priscilla Sorbello

    Been there 5 times, it never gets easy. I found trusting in my hubby's passion and having TONS of faith helped. Good luck love. ♥

  • Chrissy Tim Scott

    very true considering what is about to begin tomorrow.

  • Beverly Gruett

    nice...luv it

  • Sarah Smith

    It's doing both, but you will survive it!!!

  • Audrey Nunez

    Ugh, been there too many times. Stay strong, if you can make it through this your relationship can withstand anything.

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nerd girl problem

  • Naomi Dove

    Lightning Thief, anyone? Even worse, Avatar (not the one with the blue people). :C

  • Naomi Dove

    Seriously, looking at the comments, how has no one mentioned Avatar? I used to love the animated series. ;^;

  • Paige Lewis

    Def twilight. I was so mad I refuse to watch anything after the first one. Kristin Stewart made a mockery of Bella.

  • Tina Pruette

    Eragon!!! They didn't have elves or dwarves!!! So annoyed at that the movie is a completely different story than the book.

  • Joyce

    Hope they're not doing that with The Host!

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Can I just say that this is my favorite picture ever?

Being left handed... True story.... hahahahahahahaha i'm left handed.

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