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Copy & Paste – Portable Scanner by Jayeong Yoon & Seulki Kim Copy & Paste is a portable scanning and printing tool with which you can literally perform the said function. You don’t need your heavy printer or a photocopier machine. All you need is this handheld scanner that can transfer the images and text from one source to another source, but in the physical plane.

Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender $29.95

Great for tiny apartments that don't have dishwashers --- seriously, I need this

Gota Dishwasher

Dream microwave for my dream kitchen

Sharp - Microwave Oven

Ba Baby Bottle Holder (my babies never used bottles but if they did I'd imagine this would be genius to have!)

35 Genius Parenting Inventions


Shut Up And Take My Money! - 40 Pics

Kitchen Paper Roll Grocery List

Vintage Inspried Kitchen Paper Roll

Bloom Baby High Chair. love that it tilts backwards so newborns can use it to. @BabyList Baby Registry @BabyList Baby Registry Baby Registry

Bloom Baby Canada: Bloom Baby High Chair

IV Made Easy It’s no wonder that getting an IV at the hospital is scary for a lot of people- it looks scary, can be painful, and often takes more than once to get it right! The Medical Feather is an innovative gadget that uses ultrasound technology to find the vein and mark it with a patch that helps nurses guide the needle to the right spot each time. The cooled patch desensitizes the skin so minimal pain is involved and also acts as a blinder, keeping the needle-to-skin action out of sight

Medical Feather - IV Assist by Adrian Borsoï » Yanko Design

So Cool

Children’s Furniture — Better Living Through Design

Fairy Berries | White 10-Pack. These things are so cool. An LED lighted orb that has no chords, is water resistant and has a whole you can pull a thread through to make a string of them (they come on strings, but you could do something similar to fishing line if you didn't want to see it). They have gigantic orbs as well.

Fairy Berries | White 10-Pack (Save 31%)

Turning on holiday lights is easier with this 3-outlet foot tapper cord. Only $8.

See What Your Pet Sees, always curious what My pets do while we're gone all day....haha take that luna

Pets » Yanko Design (2)

Reusable cotton canvas pouches- just throw in dishwasher or washing machine! Created by neat-os.

I liked this design on #Fab. Orange Lunch Pack

Hide the electrical outlets when not in use by installing these pop out outlets. Their innovative design is perfect for a modern and minimalistic home - when...