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cute for being st patricks day decor

My Grandma's idea - Color coordinated Easter egg hunt. You can only collect your color of egg. Stops one kid from getting all the eggs!

4th of July Printable: I really like this one


This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with green tissue paper and light from behind. It's a great effect.

You can make this cool layered drink by stacking the sugar content. That's awesome!

Firecracker Poop for Fourth of July...cute to give kids to snack on while watching the firework show!

Cinnamon Roll Christmas tree on Christmas morning.... gotta remember this. Use your favorite canned cinnamon rolls. 2 cans of 8. Make the icing green!

Firecracker Sugar Cookies that pop in your mouth! Perfect for memorial day and 4th of July. Cute idea!!

Leprechaun Trap! Click the link to directions and end result - too cute!

April Fool's Day 10 pranks to make your kids laugh. Some of these are pretty cute. :)

Yes! Halloween next year :)

Leprechaun hid shoes around the house and left green treats in them for the kids to find that morning. Fun idea!

Surprise your sweetie with 14 days of love this V-day OR just because. #valentines #forhusband #love

Sweet Valentine Scavenger Hunt for your Sweetie! Find the free printables on the blog...

Valentine's Mantel and Valentine's Decor Ideas