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Krik? Krak! - Nine short stories describe life under the dictatorship in Haiti and the experiences of families who fled to the United States to begin new lives.

Pleasure dome : new and collected poems

Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism - examines the creation & function of the 'imagined communities' of nationality & the way these communities were in part created by the growth of the nation-state, the interaction between capitalism & printing & the birth of vernacular languages in early modern Europe

Art and Feminism - The rich diversity of art informed by feminism since the 1960s.

Art and Feminism | Art | Phaidon Store

Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops- offers a concise, enlightening exploration of the development of Lincoln’s military emancipation project, its implementation, and the recruitment and deployment of black troops.

A short history of the Italian Renaissance

Paris is burning : a queer film classic - This book contextualizes the film within the longer history of drag balls, the practices of documentary, the fervor of the culture wars, and issues of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

Minecraft : the unlikely tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the game that changed everything - The creator of the popular "virtual Lego" game, Minecraft, traces his unlikely rise from a disaffected youth who rose from a family marked by drug abuse and conflict to a multi-millionaire and international icon.

The political economy of human happiness : how voters' choices determine the quality of life - Radcliff examines the question of how political outcomes in democratic societies determine the quality of life that citizens experience.

Queer enchantments : gender, sexuality, and class in the fairy-tale cinema of Jacques Demy - Examines director Jacques Demy's use of the fairy tale as a means to explore issues of gender, sexuality, and class.

Testimony, a tribute to Charlie Parker : with new and selected jazz poems

A mathematics course for political and social research - Political science and sociology increasingly rely on mathematical modeling and sophisticated data analysis. This book provides both a primer for math novices in the social sciences and a handy reference for seasoned researchers.

The best writing on mathematics 2013

The metamorphosis - Franz Kafka’s 1915 novella of unexplained horror and nightmarish transformation became a worldwide classic and remains a century later one of the most widely read works of fiction in the world. It is the story of traveling salesman Gregor Samsa, who wakes one morning to find himself transformed into a monstrous insect.

The explanation for everything : a novel - An atheist widower begins to question his lack of faith after he falls in love with a passionate evangelist.

Catalog - The explanation for everything : a novel

John Quincy Adams : American visionary - A brilliant combination of literary analysis and historical detail, this masterfully written biography of the much misunderstood sixth president of the United States reveals the many sides of this forward-thinking man whose progressive vision helped shape the course of America.

Catalog - John Quincy Adams : American visionary

The extraordinary life of Rebecca West - A portrait of the 20th century author best known for such classics as Black Lamb and Grey Falcon includes coverage of her socialist views, passionate advocacy of women's rights and notorious affair with H. G. Wells.

Catalog - The extraordinary life of Rebecca West

The German Democratic Republic - A clear, concise and thought-provoking introduction to the history of East German

Catalog - The German Democratic Republic

We are all completely beside ourselves - Coming of age in middle America, eighteen-year-old Rosemary evaluates how her entire youth was defined by the presence and forced removal of an endearing chimpanzee who was secretly regarded as a family member and who Rosemary loved as a sister.

Catalog - We are all completely beside ourselves

The sports gene : inside the science of extraordinary athletic performance -Explores the roles of both genetics and training in athletic success, arguing that both are equally necessary components of athletic achievement while considering such topics as race, gender, and genetic testing.

Dirty love - A collection of short stories examining the lives of suburbanites seeking solace and gratification in food, sex, work, and love.

Catalog - Dirty love

n the company of the poor : conversations with Dr. Paul Farmer and Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez - Reflects intersection between the lives, commitments, and strategies of two highly respected figures Dr. Paul Farmer and Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez joined in their option for the poor, their defense of life, and their commitment to liberation.

Unthinkable : Iran, the Bomb, and American strategy - Examines Iran's current nuclear potential while charting America's future course of action, recounting the prolonged clash between both nations to outline options for American policymakers.

Catalog - Unthinkable : Iran, the Bomb, and American strategy

Wealth and power : China's long march to the twenty-first century - Two leading experts on China outline a thought-provoking history that offers insight into the nation's future by evaluating its rise throughout the past 150 years, sharing lively portraits of key intellectual and political leaders to explain how China transformed from a country under foreign assault to a world giant.

Anxiety : a short history - Allan V. Horwitz, a sociologist of mental illness and mental health, narrates how this condition has been experienced, understood, and treated through the ages - from Hippocrates, through Freud, to today.

Catalog - Anxiety : a short history