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New Literary Criticism, Writing, & Classics Books

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A to zoo : subject access to children's picture books

The most dangerous book : the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses

The extraordinary life of Rebecca West - A portrait of the 20th century author best known for such classics as Black Lamb and Grey Falcon includes coverage of her socialist views, passionate advocacy of women's rights and notorious affair with H. G. Wells.

Catalog - The extraordinary life of Rebecca West

Fairy tales transformed? : twenty-first-century adaptations and the politics of wonder

Utopian negotiation : Aphra Behn & Margaret Cavendish - Behn and Cavendish, two prolific women writers acknowledged as bold and thoughtful interpreters and responders to the issues of their times, are the subject of this study. Holmesland applies the term utopian negotiation to encompass the ways in which the two authors understood and articulated their thinking on paradoxical issues related to gender, self, ideals, and compromise.

Renaissance Retrospections : Tudor Views of the Middle Ages - The essays describe the ways that English writers of the early modern period reacted to the literary and historical record of the Middle Ages. Catching glimpses of medieval ghosts, "The Rebel Kiss" reveals Shakespeare's manipulation of his medieval source. "Owning the Middle Ages" speaks of English identity.

Roth unbound : a writer and his books - The story of Roth's creative life, [which] is not a biography-- though it contains a wealth of previously undisclosed biographical details and unpublished material--but something ultimately more rewarding: the exploration of a great writer through his art

Witches, goddesses, and angry spirits : the politics of spiritual liberation in African diaspora women's fiction - explores African diaspora religious practices as vehicles for Africana women’s spiritual transformation, using representative fictions by three contemporary writers of the African Americas who compose fresh models of female spirituality.

Holding on upside down : the life and work of Marianne Moore - A portrait of the modernist poet goes beyond popularized depictions to reveal her passionate and canny nature as well as her struggles between her devotion to family and desire for freedom.

A political companion to John Steinbeck - examines the most contentious political aspects of the author's body of work, from his early exploration of social justice and political authority during the Great Depression to his later positions regarding domestic and international threats to American policies.

To the point : a dictionary of concise writing - Perfect for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, this must-have guide to writing succinctly covers the basics, provides alternatives to thousands of wordy phrases and helps writers build a more concise vocabulary.

The Oxford companion to modern poetry - an authoritative and accessible guide to the influential poets writing in English from 1910 to the present day. The A-Z entries explore the influences, inspirations, movements that have shaped the works and lives of these important authors.

Critical Insights : Zora Neale Hurston - compiles 17 essays by English scholars from the US and UK on the works of Zora Neale Hurston. They use various critical approaches, from mobility studies to linguistics and analysis of letters, to consider well-known works anew and examine lesser-known works for the first time

Transnational Tolstoy : between the West and the world - renews and enhances our understanding of Tolstoy's fiction in the context of "World Literature," a term that he himself used in What is Art? (1897). It offers a fresh perspective on Tolstoy's fiction as it connects with writers and works from outside his Russian context, including Stendhal, Flaubert, Goethe, Proust, Lampedusa and Mahfouz.

On Reading the Grapes of Wrath - In this compelling biography of a book, Susan Shillinglaw delves into John Steinbeck’s classic to explore the cultural, social, political, scientific, and creative impact of The Grapes of Wrath upon first publication, as well as its enduring legacy

Roald Dahl - Roald Dahl is one of the most enduringly popular children's authors of the last fifty years; and one of the most controversial. This timely collection of new essays, from an international team of leading scholars, provides both an overview and a contemporary assessment of Dahl's reputation and his achievement as a writer for children.

My Life in Middlemarch - A New Yorker writer and author of One Perfect Day explores the themes and complex influence of George Eliot's Middlemarch, discussing how her own repeated readings of the literary classic shaped her education, career, relationships and family life.

Magical tales : myth, legend and enchantment in children's books - traces the origin of the genre back through Norse mythology, Arthurian legend, and medieval literature. Drawing on manuscripts and rare books in the renowned collection of the Bodleian Library, the essays turn the spotlight on spell books; grimoires, or magical textbooks; and books of legend and myth

A Companion to the Victorian Novel - The first section provides overviews of key historical contexts, such as religion, class, gender, and the publishing world. The second part surveys the various genres and subgenres of the Victorian novel. The third deals with Victorian, modern, and postmodern theories of the novel and looks at how Victorian novels and novelists were received, both now and then.

The Cambridge Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Poetry - For readers daunted by the formal structures and rhetorical sophistication of eighteenth-century English poetry, this introduction by John Sitter brings the techniques and the major poets of the period 1700–1785 triumphantly to life.

Early Modern Women in Conversation - In 16th and 17th century England conversation was an embodied act that held the capacity to negotiate, manipulate and transform social relationships.Early Modern Women in Conversation illuminates the extent to which gender shaped conversational interaction and demonstrates the significance of conversation as a rhetorical practice for women.

Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures : Postcolonial City and Its Subjects - This book considers twentieth and twenty-first century literary and cultural formations of the postcolonial city and the constitution of new subjects within it. Varma offers a reading of both historical and contemporary debates on urbanism through the filter of postcolonial fictions and the cultural fields surrounding and containing them.

Kenneth Burke : rhetoric, subjectivity, postmodernism - Examines Burke's works and shows how they anticipate key postmodern concepts of rhetoric and subjectivity.

A sneetch is a sneetch and other philosophical discoveries : finding wisdom in children's literature - This warm and charming volume casts a spell on adult readers as it unveils the surprisingly profound philosophical wisdom contained in children's picture books, from Dr Seuss's Sneetches to William Steig's Shrek!. With a light touch and good humor, Wartenberg discusses the philosophical ideas in these classic stories.