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More like this: arm warmers, hand sewn and cashmere.

UpCycled Wool Sweaters

Upcycled Wool sweater became my passion. So far, I have create Tote bags, Ipad case, fingerless gloves, armwarmers, pumpkins, leggings, flowers, mouse, etc. Follow me, I will show you my creative mind and actions in upcycling.

Pure cashmere red heart valentine heart hand sewn by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

DIY wool links (many free/some for a fee) Knitting, crochet and sewing pattern links for soakers, longies, shorties, wraps, leggings, skirties.

sweet, upcycled sweater to child's skirt. Have one already to be a jumper! Amazing how much better some of these sweaters look after they are felted!

B34 felted wool laundry Dryer ball sets hand rolled, twice felted by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

Purple green burgundy green color, beautiful knitted pattern, thickly felted sweater Tote Bag hand sewn by mcleodhandcraftgifts, You can use it for your knitting or crochet projects !

3D red flower felt char gray messenger bag upcycled wool sweater hand sewn by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

93 char gray Cashmere arm warmer women girls beautiful color and soft touch, hand sewn by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

hooded cowl...must try this!

Thick wool felted coffee cozy purple color with a blue rosé appliqué , for coffee on the go. Chic, classic hand sewn by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

B32 felted wool laundry Dryer ball sets by mcleodhandcraftgifts, What wool laundry ball would do ? - reduce chemical usage-- which we have plenty in the house hold - reduced the total cost of buy laundry sheets, softeners. Average American spends $65.00 per year. - Decrease drying time, save electricity. - Increase fluffiness - Reduce static - Soften clothes naturally - Reduce wrinkles - Keep your clothing free from chemicals found in fabric softeners & dryer sheets

adult size upcycled patchwork pants made out of old sweaters. hummm...

Brown beige argyle merino wool felted owl Kindle iPad case by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

Mixed wool felt Fingerless gloves spring pastel pink green lavender with appliqué by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

B29 extra long white armwarmer Fingerless gloves , thick merino wool, upcycled wool sweater by mcleodhandcraftgifts,

Felted Thick Wool Pot Holder using upcycled wool sweater by mcleodhandcraftgifts on Etsy,