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I knew they would make this! for all the iphone 6 users out there with tiny thumbs

Never run out of toilet paper again!

Great article on how LED light is used in the developing world — something we may take for granted. - - - This year's Nobel Prize in physics went to scientists who invented the blue light-emitting diode. Paired with solar power, the energy-efficient LED is bringing affordable light to places off the grid.

Casio releases underwater communication system #aquaman - - Usually, scuba divers just use hand signals to communicate with one another when they’re underwater. With Casio Yamagata’s Logosease, however, divers can communicate with one another as if they’re walking on dry ground. You can just face your fellow divers and talk to them normally. Basically, it modulates any human voice into ultrasonic waves. All …

Navy Tech — The FORTIS exoskeleton (FREAKING EXOSKELETON) makes physically demanding jobs a lot easier, by rendering heavy tools weightless.

Google is getting into virtual reality. It was only a matter of time: With Google still looking for The Next Big Thing -- and Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR, Sony's Project Morpheus, and many other companies and startups taking a fresh look at VR over the last couple of years -- it was forced to finally wade in. The target of Google's affection is a startup called Magic Leap, a secretive company that is developing some kind of 'cinematic reality' headset, which uses a 'digital light ...

"Navdy" promises to bring a heads-up-display (HUD) to any car, complete with voice and gesture controls.

KEECKER - The World's First HomePod

Keecker, part home entertainment system, part smart home analytics system, should be shipping to a house near you by next spring.

The RockBLOCK allows you to send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky.

What would you do with a 120-Raspberry Pi Cluster?

Carl Zeiss has announced the VR One, which is the optics manufacturer's answer to Samsung's Gear VR. Similar to Samsung's offering, the VR One will require pairing with a smartphone. The $99 headset works with select Android (and iOS) smartphones with screen sizes varying from 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches (which rules out devices like the Galaxy Note 4), and is now available for pre-order...

This guy made some cool things