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Type 1 Diabetes

Someone I love has Type 1 Diabetes. There is no cure for Type 1, yet. THE CAUSE OF TYPE 1 IS UNKNOWN, possibly genetic or viral. There is no known prevention. IT IS LIFE THREATENING. These are some tips & helpful products for diabetics, informational websites, and ways to help find a cure.

In addition to the fact that this bracelet could save a life, we particularly like that the company will donate $10 for each initial registration plus $5 for each annual renewal to the DRI. Just enter promo code DRI.

Special Fundraising Programs - QR Life Support Bracelets

A new abdominal implant could spell the end of insulin injections for people with diabetes.

Could insulin injections for diabetics be a thing of the past?

Contacts that change color to alert diabetics of high/low glucose levels

10 Amazing Inventions that You Didn’t Know Existed

CoolMedID Cool Medical ID Wristbands and Dog Tags -glow-in-the-dark phat band $6.99

Pretty Ornament for Inspired by Isabella blue white gray polka dot - Proceeds donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - JDRF. $10.00, via Etsy.

Bionic Pancreas System 2015 a dual chambered pump that distributes insulin and glucagon or symlin