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St. Patrick's Day healthy fruit skewers. Imagine how you could do red for Valentines, Red/White/Blue for the 4th of July...Endless, yummy possibilities.

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"Stained Glass" Shamrocks

Rainbow French Toast

  • Patrice Lortz

    Don't think I could eat this. Might taste great. Looks icky. :P

  • Pam Graham

    uh.. ya.. me neither..ick

  • Amanda Blanchard

    Agreed! as a kid, I would have been all over that... as an adult... you would have to bribe me!

  • Michelle DuPuis

    Ha ha! Yep, I chose to eat my french toast without the colored sugar, but my son LOVED it!

Rainbow Fruit Tart

Homemade Lucky Charms Marshmallows from Stef of Cupcake Project

  • Dawn Anderson

    sounds like way way to much work

  • Tosha Thomas

    Why would you bother making them, if you're just going to put corn syrup in them anyway?

  • Cupcake Project

    The corn syrup in them is totally different from store-bought corn syrup. It's actually just a sugar syrup flavored with corn.