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Simple idea for hanging items around the house... Using shower hooks. For the items that have a hole but it's not big enough for the shower hook, I used a zip-tie through it to create one (i.e. my razor in the shower). :)

I'll never forget our high school English teacher telling us to not set dates, big events to always look forward to, as you'll miss all the life in-between. He was SO right.

5 Inspirational Quotes To Make Your Life Better

Welcome to Lagaland... capitol Abstaggen. Pop. pending. Weather hi's 83F lo's -14F with heaters. Natural Resources, paper mediums, colors lights, and lots of webs atmosphere, with an affinity to recall heavy media, numerical emosensitive history. (12/8/12)

First Birthday Party Ideas...good idea for my one day

First birthday party ideas

family picture by Nuttie Nutterson

fun family picture

Family Pictures

Southern Shutter Photography: The Marks Family

A fun, warm family outing calls for cozy layers. Model Amanda Montoya spends some quality time with her husband, Quetzal, and their 3-year-old son, Marley.

How to Layer Cold-Weather Essentials

I adore this picture so much, I would LOVE to have a picture like this blown up and put on the wall! :)

all fore Him: Fall is finally here...

Youre never going to be the best, prettiest or the funniest in the world. You just need to find that one person who thinks you are.

ALWAYS WILL BE MY LITTLE BOY! Time has gone so fast since he was born on "Ground hog's' day, otherwise known as February 2. He was born Feb. 2, 2009. Stunned that he'll be 5 YEARS OLD on his next birthday. I was definitely meant to be a mother!

The worst thing is watching someone drown and not being able to convince them that they can save themselves by just standing up.


Never apologize for having standards. Although, I don't think expecting "friends" to be straight up with you (not sneaky and two-faced, doing stuff and saying stuff behind your back) is really that high a standard! LOL. If people can't rise to that simple task, forget them... no matter how sad it may be.

You gotta love those shady fake friends ;-)! #LESSON LEARNED.

I know people don't expect to be manipulative and sneaky and expect it not to catch up with them lolol.

Karma | If These Walls Could Talk | One Kings Lane

I like the diagonal arrangement

Outdoor lighting

Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Follow your heart regardless of what others tell you to do... At the end of the day it's you who has to live with your decision not them.