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Colorful Pez dispensers

Star Wars Pez Dispensers

Toy Story Pez dispensers

Disney Princess Pez Dispensers

Garfield and Friends Pez Dispensers

pictures of unusual pez dispensers - Google Search .

Presidents PEZ Candy Dispensers: 5-Piece Box

If only I would have kept all of the PEZ dispensers from my childhood!

My Sweet Savannah: ~reveal day~ What a creative way to display Pez dispensers!

William and Kate PEZ dispensers to be auctioned off. Proceeds go to charity, of course.

Herms were ancient greek statues of the god Hermes that looked kind of like Pez dispensers, with one obvious difference.

Edward Haas brought his peppermint PEZ candy to America from Vienna in 1927. He patented a Pez dispenser in 1952 modeled like a cigarette lighter. With the help of his children's he created fruit flavors, cherry, lemon, orange and strawberry. His marketing to children paid off in 1955 when he put character heads on top of the dispensers. Pez History

After the candy itself caught on, Oscar Uxa invented the famed PEZ dispenser in the 1950s, but he did not receive acclaim for his creation until heads were placed on top of the dispensers in 1955.

@Overstock - Hello Kitty comes to brighten your day and bring you candy with these twelve assorted candy dispenser and candy rolls by PEZ. The display box features five different dispensers to choose from. $32.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pez Dispensers, 2 of them

Loved the taste of PEZ and the dispensers