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Great tips for raising creative kids. sometimes, it means having to let go of your own hangups!

Tap Roulette ($0.00) Tap Roulette is like drawing straws 2.0 Each friend puts a finger down on the screen and one will be selected. Use it to make decisions like who has to take out the garbage, or where to eat lunch. Up to five fingers are supported.

Scan children's artwork, shrink, print, and then frame your miniature collection

How To Teach A 6-Year-Old To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes - Looks super simple!

DIY Lego Star Wars Costume (only take up to 4 hours and $20 for both Lego Luke Skywalker and Lego Darth Vader put together)!!!!

36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New might want to pin this one! (Baby gift ideas!)

Best Books for Boys: A Booklist Compiled by a BOY. The oldest of 4 brothers told his Mom these were the books that shaped him & he wanted to make sure his younger brothers read. These are the 22 best books one boy thinks every boy should read.

Healthy Lunch Ideas do not involve making a sandwich. Lots of good ideas! You'll regret not pinning this!

Another Pinner said: This kept my 2 year busy for an entire hour and my 4 year old busy for 2 hours! YAY! Drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minutes of colorful fizziness!!... Pretty sure we will be doing this soon! GENIUS!

This is a great resource to share with parents to help them understand how to choose books for their beginning readers. It's an easy to read guide with ideas for books for readers Kindergarten - 2nd grade.

The Alpha Parent: Timeline of Baby and Toddler Sleep

""someone wrote:"Each morning, Charlotte and Amelia rush to their envelopes to see what we've written. The notes are sometimes a simple observation of a charitable act or a quick drawing to make them laugh. I love that Charles and I force ourselves to take a minute each evening to think about why we love our children. It's my version of Oprah's gratitude journal."" cute!