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Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School, from The Thinker Builder

Dealing with Meltdowns, Storms, Rages, or Tantrums

Responsive Classroom: A teacher helps her students regain control when they start acting out.

The most interesting word in the English language...

Whole class homework incentive - Pin the letters face down onto a board. When the whole class brings in their completed homework, turn a letter around. Once the word homework can be fully seen, they get a day with no homework.

Love this idea for students to show that they need help. They clip their clothespin to the sleeve and keep working.

Genius idea for turning in assignments ... quickly tell who has not turned something in! And awesome organization

NOISE...remove one letter at a time when the voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO talking allowed. Period.

275,000 Dominoes - Enjoy Your Life (Guinness World Record - Most dominoes toppled in a spiral) 10 minutes of domino runs.

Post It, Prove It- An Exit TIcket Strategy great for Middle School Classes

Top 60 Disney Songs .. nice to play while they are working. I love this for elementary classrooms but I might even use it for older kids.