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1600's MEN's Fashion

Officer and Musketeer of the French Guard Musketeers, French Baroque Costume, 1680

Musketeers of the French Guard in 1680.

Nils Nilsson Brahe Clothing, Sweedish count on Spanish court, 1655, Skokloster Castle, © Museo del Traje, Madrid

Extant originals - European baroque, Nil Nilsson Brahe Clothing

Extremely nice doublet, unknown provenance but must be rather early 17th century. Notice the waist and the long row of holes for tying the breeches with points and laces.

Irregularly pleated linen collar, Northern Netherlands, c.1615-35 (via). “Early millstone ruffs were starched with regular pleats. This example, however, is looser and less tidy. It is of a type that was popular with young, fashionable men around 1615 to 1635. This is the only surviving pleated ruff in the world.” - Rijkmuseum

Edward Sackville, later 4th Earl of Dorset, attributed to William Larkin, 1613 England, Kenwood House