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Fill Your Palette - A Classroom Management Strategy for Art Education

Pinellas Art Education Association (Via FaceBook on Arts for LA)

The Importance of Art Education. Kids need art! | So blessed to have a Nana like mine, the strongest advocate for my creativity musically, artistically, and with textiles in the sewing room. Love giving these gifts to my wee babe.


Using Comic Life in the art classroom - many ideas

10 Best Apps for Elementary Art Teachers

Nice. I find this an interesting blend of the study of the art elements and mandala painting which could be utilized for all manner of art concepts in the elementary classroom. The use of simple picnic plates would ease cost and increase prolificness. From: Guilford County Schools Art Educators Blog: Caitlin Fisher, Southeast Middle School, Spinning Elements

United Art and Education Art Project: This fun design project is terrific for elementary students. All it takes is tape and paper! Inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

Hand Building with Clay - YouTube Chelsie Meyer art education instructional video tutorial

Great idea for teams! Would be cute to give them a strip of color every time they behave appropriately! When they complete their rainbow, they earn a team reward!

History of Art. [it's cool cause i get the references now, after taking a history of inellectual thought course]

MSUM Art Education. Chuck Bennis. Awesome handouts about grid application, shading, etc.

Art Education Daily: Ceramic Lesson Plans: Turtle

This would be great on our School playground! Reused tires make a great place to climb. diy you can fin these in alot of places look up on google where you can pick them up in your area have the kids paint them and there you have it make sure you pack them down with mulch!!!! ♥ so much fun i might make a smaller one for a ( 2 year old)

Top Tips for the First Days of School. Some of these are really good, even for secondary. Loved these activities! For teachers.

Tired of hearing, "That isn't fair!" This activity is a great way to help children understand that fair isn't when everyone gets the same's when everyone gets just what they need. All you'll need for this lesson is a big box of Band-Aids and some time for class discussion. Love the simplicity and impact of this lesson!

Creativity Workbook: 100 Exercises to Stimulate Creative Thinking