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Favourite Characters

Lost Girl. Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid)

I think i'm the Doctor playing me. Maybe we are all the Doctor in different parts of his life. ~A.E.B~

I'm really just repinning this because it's a convenient list of all those dwarves names.

Pretty much how it happened. Curiosity made me a Whovian.

Winnifred Sanderson - Hocus Pocus

Annie: League of Legends "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?"

Gir ♥

Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

Blind Mag - REPO: The Genetic Opera

Lestat de Lioncourt - Interview With a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, The Vampire Lestat

Graverobber- REPO-The Genetic Opera

V - V for Vendetta