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things for my house

I love, love, love and adore this. It would go in my dining room over my reclaimed wood table with industrial metal chairs on one side and a wooden bench on the other side and comfy chairs on each end with rows of little round studs in the same silver grey metal. (Yes, I have too much imagination.)

Industrial Cage Work Light Chandelier - Shades of Light

This seems to go against the laws of nature :/ Rude Garden Gnome Flipping The Bird

Buddleia davidii 'Bicolor' - Butterfly Bush

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) - Mixed - Shrub Buddleja davidii - These fragrant butterfly bushes in 3 fabulous colours will attract plenty of butterflies to the garden. The varieties: Royal Red, White Profusion and Empire Blue.

Awesome! - Imgur

How To Make An Organic Roundup Replacement: White vinegar is a fantastic weed killer. It is non toxic, biodegradable, readily available, and it is cheap. Fill up squirt bottle with straight vinegar, do not dilute. Use this to spray directly on weeds that you want to get rid of. Some pesky buggers may require 2 or 3 applications.

how to grow: an avocado tree, apple tree, citrus tree, pineapple plant, yams from produce seeds/cuttings you buy at the grocery

Thinking of starting a compost pile? Make sure you know what you should and should not compost.

Mosquito repelling "Creeping Thyme" plant. It has citronella oil that makes it smell lemony.

Great tip from the Urban Organic Gardener. Make your own homemade spray to get rid of aphids. Boil some water with onions, garlic and cayenne pepper, let it steep, then spray down the aphids and undersides of leaves.

Awesome water barrel - decorating-by-day