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Store your breast milk in the What To Expect Moms Love-It award winning Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags 20-Pack.

These sanitary pads are wrapped individually, so you can easily take a few with you in a purse. #WTEAwards

These soft, colorful spoon are perfect for little mouths when starting solids -- and they get rave reviews from weeSpring parents. | Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons

We used these when Little One was in the hospital and we were unable to store enough homemade baby food to the entire stay. Give your child the right start in life with natural, organic foods.

Simple directions on how to use a Boba Wrap even if you've never wrapped a baby before. Wraps are a great way to babywear newborns through toddlers and even preemies. @Boba #baby #freedomtogether #preemie

This one actually holds enough formula to make a full bottle. Babies"R"Us Purely Simple Formula Dispenser has 4 compartments so you can measure baby's formula before you leave the house. Perfect for those 'on the go' days!

Hands down this is my favorite item we used for my son. The Baby Brezza Perfect Temp Water Kettle heats water to the perfect temperature & holds it there all day for quick & easy bottle prep.

The Mommy Hook Stroller Hanger - perfect for hanging your shopping bags on a stroller. Plus it makes it easier to carry all your bags into your home!

Munchkin BPA Free Soft Tip Infant Spoon is gentle on baby's gums & has an ergonomically-designed handle so it's comfortable for mom.

GOT IT - Bubble Guppies: 9" Bubble Puppy Plush Doll

Bubble Guppies: 9" Bubble Puppy Plush Doll | NickShop

GOT IT - Bubble Guppies: 9" Molly Plush Doll

This was great for my son. The toys all come off and once they have out grown the mat it can be hung on the wall. If you find most baby gyms too bright and overwhelming, you'll love this soothing, 4-in1 activity mat with arches!

CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set. This was a life saver when Cash started chewing on his crib.

Sophie the giraffe is a great infant baby toy - great registry item. Use your store coupons though - she can be pricey!

Mumi & Bubi solids starter kit - I was unsure about spending $25 on these but they are awesome. 1 oz. portioned baby food cubes. The cubes pop out perfect everytime. So worth it.

Baby Brezza Temp Control Water Kettle - This has been a life saver with my son. No waiting for a bottle to warm up. Just pour, mix and feed.

Medela Freestyle - This pump was great. Because of my cleft baby I exclusively pumped and this pump was easy to work. Very quickly I was able to work everything with one hand and not lose suction while pumping. An added bonus for cleft moms, if you use the Haberman feeder the nipple/collar match up with all medela bottles.

Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder - My family visited our cleft team before Cash was born and they gave us 3 different bottles to try out. This has been the best by far. Love the three flow options. Also he started taking more milk we just changed to a larger medela bottle.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature - The first few weeks this was only thing that could get Cash down for the night. It straps to the crib, stroller, anything. The best part is that you can remove the sound box and toss the sheep in the washer.

Estée Lauder Night Repair - Not a baby item. This has done wonders for my son's scar following his cleft lip repair.