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Crate stools and chair pockets are the best!

Permanently Primary: Want to Ace a Teaching Interview?

Permanently Primary: Want to Ace a Teaching Interview?

YouTube Education - For Schools - SUCH a great idea. Well done, YouTube. I use this all the time :)

Country studies over 30 ideas to study the world

Geography: Country Studies - Adventures in Mommydom

Education to the Core: Holidays/Christmas Around the World Unit and FREEBIE!!!

8 ways to handle your kid's temper tantrum like a ninja badass

How to Handle Your Kid's Temper Tantrum Like a Ninja Badass –...

Adding Geography to the Daily Lesson | Minds in Bloom

Try out this lesson planning chart before writing out your next lesson plan.

10 Ways to Release Worries in the Classroom - stress management for students

How To Bring Children's Books To Life

Body language. Helpful when trying to convey a characters' feelings while not directly naming the emotion.

Students have to write in a log every time they do not turn in their homework on time and explain themselves. This helps teachers keep track of how many times the same student does not do his/her homework, makes students think about why they did not do their homework, and establishes accountability. Good idea but not sure how much I like it...