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christmas wedding favours. Follow for more jolly tips and trends for that beautiful Christmas wedding you are wanting. #Labola #Christmas

*vintage hair and makeup inspo for me or my girls

CHIC BLONDE | fall makeup | smokey eye | waves

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Beautiful everyday makeup look

Beautiful makeup. Red lips. Winged black liquid eyeliner. Beautiful nighttime look❤️❤️

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  • Dani Arechiga no accountability for your words, huh? I guess thats what the internet is spew hate on those who you envy, because that is all this is, ugly jealousy. Good night.

  • Virginie Bissinger

    Yeah you're right, inm an ugly woman jealous of all woman more beautifull than me (means all women of course). And thanks to you, i now know the truth.

  • Crime

    I agree with virginie. The beauty is fake

  • Dani Arechiga

    Never said she was "natural" ......just said that she is beautiful. This is so weird....

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