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Materials and Art Making Ideas for Kids

A file of ideas for our programs with youth and families

Masher Print Painting | Child Central Station - simple process art with kitchen potato mashers.

Pendulum art painting: PVC pipe contraption / string / cup with a hole

by Elaine Carstairs Beautiful. I suspect the children would have a blast creating this, and then tracing it. This could be a multi-layered, multi-step shadow art project. What WOULD the end result look like?

Messy art for toddlers

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Snowflake Rubbings Art

nature craft stars - bright wool and twigs (make it open ended assemblage/sculpture project by offering colored connective elements and a variety of twigs)

Ardith's Art Journal: Week Two with Kandinsky and Art Centers! Each weeks students are given a new challenge to 'sketch' with Lego Bricks. This helps gear their brains toward 3-D building skills and seeing the potential in ordinary objects.