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"two less fish in the sea..."

It's like the PERFECT rustic wedding photo.

Best. Coffee. Mug. Ever. Need this

25 best things you can do for your skin

i like this.

  • Holly Miller

    Decent man, horrible president.

  • Christina Parle

    I would love to know why he's horrible. Just one reason.

  • Kaylin Sanchez

    He and Hitler pretty much go hand in hand. Look at the facts before you are quick to comment. We may not have Nazis running around our country, but America is headed in the same direction that Austria and Germany once were. It's time to wake up America!

  • Daniela Puorto

    @Patty Sanger-I agree with all that you stated. To the girl who says we are all ignorant for liking and supporting Obama, don't you know that having a small or closed mind, not tolerant of others beliefs and political choices is ignorant.

  • Tosha Jeffries

    Some of these comments gave me a laugh for the DAY!!!! Especially the Hitler one....Let us all pray...Lmbo!

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@Meghan Tracey this is how we look when we're talking secretively, hahaha