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how about get out of here before I "accidently" hurt you

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why am i laughing at this?

Life's Little Lessons: Nursing Humor

Grades of Pitting Edema

Critical Lab Values List: this shows the values when the lab becomes "critical" or serious, often indicative that an intervention needs to be implemented by the Nurse health care team STAT. Included is the BMP, CBC, Serum Drug Levels, Coagulation Studies, ABGs.

These just took my breath away. . .

Find out what is important to you, and don't stop running, dancing, and moving until you reach your goals!

my life expect not the first part...

Do you do squats? They are great because there's so many ways to do them! Click to find out our Top 10 Squat Variations to build, sculpt, and lift your butt and give you the curves you want! #RippedNFit

For those Friends' fans out there...@Maegan Gudridge Gosney @Heather Creswell Moch

ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITES! the smell of the oranges as you fly over them in Soarin'!

How to Wear your Claddagh ring

This is for my friends that get migraines

Conch triple piercing. I already have a hoop. I would only need two more!

Sexy mint bikini. Peccato siano passati circa 20 anni dall'ultima volta in cui avrei avuto il fisico adatto per indossarlo...

Girls. You NEED to know this.