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Receiving IVIG treatment for ESES

Living Day by Day
  • Marie Busch

    How did it go? My daughter's Neuro just suggested this treatment for her. We had her on a high dose of steroids and it worked well except for the weight gain, high blood pressure and cataracts she developed. They took her off steroid and she slipped back to where she was in the beginning. Now he is saying to try IVIG.

A substance made by the body when it uses fat as fuel could provide a new way of treating epilepsy, experts hope.

'Fat' drug could treat epilepsy

Taking back the night in epilepsy

Our patients' stories: Taking back the night in epilepsy

Sirena Doty, age 11, recently battled a rare epilepsy syndrome called electrical status epilepticus during slow sleep syndrome (ESES). Sirena is one of less than one percent of children with epilepsy to have ESES and to also receive life-altering brain surgery.

Epilepsy Fdn.-Sirena's Story