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Vocabulary idea: Students have a vocabulary word on their head and have to walk around room asking for a synonym, antonym, or definition to help them figure out their word.

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Student work display using neon card stock glitter clothespins. Blogger changes out student writing weekly. Easy Peasy Quick Easy!

Audiciones cortas grabadas por nativos, diferentes acentos; organizadas por niveles, duración; diferentes tipos de búsqueda.

Las Fiestas de San Fermín apelan a la "emoción y la armonía" en un viaje de 443 actos

San Fermín 2014. Vive los Sanfermines con

Spanish is becoming an important language in the United States, learning it while you're young helps you as you continue on in your Spanish language development.

Spanish Alphabet

Spanish problems in a restaurant presentation and student activities.

Spanish Problemas en el Restaurante-presentation and activities

muy, bastante, un poco

Muy, bastante, un poco, no … nada | Clase de Español

What Stuck With You sign for your classroom. Students use post-it notes to show what they learned and then stick it right on the poster.

During activities, punch holes in the papers of students that are off task. Easy to keep track of participation when you collect the papers!

Hole Punch | The Comprehensible Classroom

¿Qué están haciendo?

Preguntas in Spanish - How to ask questions. Questions are a very important part of conversations in any language. Spanish questions are somewhat similar to English questions, but there are some details you can learn to make your conversations in Spanish sound more natural. Learn to ask questions in Spanish with a interesting Spanish lesson.

Could be fun :) Website where you can type in text and it will turn it into a shape! (Writing/Publishing center)

For a set of intructions in Spanish, it is useful to add a few sequencing words like "Primero, después, luego, por último"

La Familia in Spanish - Talking about family and relatives. There are many words related to family members in Spanish. Some of them are similar to the ones used in English, whereas other relatives in Spanish are written and pronounced in a very different way. “La familia” in Spanish is one of those basic vocabulary topics you should definitely learn to talk about. This picture is part of a complete Spanish lesson

Yo este 14 de febrero

Necesito que me ayudes