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Tiffany Inspired Bedroom. Perfect.

Girls in the Window by Ormond Gigli,1960: The day before this brownstone on East 58th was razed, Gigli posed 43 women in formal dress in the windows, some daring to step out onto the crumbling sills while Gigli directed with a bullhorn and a Rolls Royce was driven into place. Careful planning included securing City permissions and working quickly as the shot had to be completed during the workers' lunch time. #Photography #Girls_iin_the_Windows #Ormond_Gigli

  • Nicole La Mar


  • Jerrilyn Frasier

    The story goes that one of the girls was a wife of maybe a city official and she was put in the picture as a thank you to him. The only heels they had for her was 1-2 sizes too big. So if you find the girl in the big shoes yu find the girl who was not a model!

  • Brandi Peterson

    I really like this I think because I have always had a sisterly love for women in general. So much beauty in one picture! Awesome!

  • Cheryl

    I love this!!

  • Lisa Hallman

    The one with the big shoes. On the left hand side, three down, one to the right. White dress, large white shoes.

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