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The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn, June 26, 2013 Via @GoComics

Using movement (and hallway "travel time") to work on verb tenses. Lots of kiddos need this practice before they "get" pictured scenes.

Preposition Composition Song by Melissa - YouTube

Start with the ANSWER. Let them create problems! It would work well for WH-question formulation.

FREEBIE! 4th Grade Prepositional Phrases is a COMPLETE lesson aligned with these 4th Grade Common Core Reading and Language Standards: (CC.4.RI.1, CC.4.RI.4, CC.4.RI.5, CC.4.L.1e, CC.4.L.1f, CC.4.L.2a, CC.4.L.2d)

Conjunctions and transition words list worksheet from

Transition words and conjunctions list from

Free! Flip Flop Fun summer (flip-flop) themed game to work on grammar (is/are, was/were).

Miss Thrifty SLP: Got pronouns? Another crafty idea.

Who-Action-Where Worksheets-working on subject-verb with an extra element. From Adventures in Speech Pathology.