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My First Monoprints. Squeeze blobs of paint into cookie sheet, lay paper on top, smooth down, lift off - easy printmaking for kids. Make a design in the paint and print again!

Toddler Art Projects - My First Monoprints | Spoonful

First graders compared the work of two famous artists, Piet Mondrian and Romero Britto. They are similar because their art both has bold lines and colors. However, first gradres concluded that Britto's art is easier to understand and not as abstract as Mondrian's. Britto also has a lot of pattern in his work! First graders used both artists as inspiration to create their works of art.

The Elementary Art Room!: First Grade Art

Art with Mrs. Seitz: Henry Rousseau jungle paintings/oil pastel (stumbling)

Art with Mrs. Seitz: Toucans

Tie-Dye Paper Tissue Paper! I do this project with my students. One teacher I used to work with taught me this activity a few years ago. We use paper towels and liquid watercolor. The children love it! They look really neat in the window.

Things to Make and Do - Tie-dye Tissue Paper

K Mondrian Masterpieces - love how they are displayed as one large painting!

Elizabeth Boyle - Kindergarten Projects

Green Monsters: using purple, green and blue we "squash painted" and then added the other features with paper.  We really loved this project...

Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi: monster

Multi-media art idea: crayons, watercolour resist, and then print-making with paint over taped letters on individual canvasses. Only 20 letters in this quote, so would have to expand in some way for one per student.

fall kindergarten art projects | Fall Leaf Reflection Paintings in Preschool (Fall RoundUP via ...

RainbowsWithinReach: Favorite Children's Art Projects

A Place Called Kindergarten: art projects

A Place Called Kindergarten: all you need is love...

Kindergarten Line Windsock. Watercolor Resist painting, streamer lines

Line Windsocks for Kindergarten - Art is Basic

Klimt Sunsets/Artsonia

Artwork published by Lauren3885

3d stars good blog with similar lessons to mine.

The Lost Sock : June 2013

8th Art-rolled newspaper line and shape compositions what if color was added? Interesting design unit project.

014 - Asia Region Art Educators

A.C. New ART DepARTment - Mr. Temple

A.C. New ART DepARTment - Mr. Temple

...viewed the work of artist Gale Kaseguma and are currently working on spring inspired tissue paper collages. They are cutting, gluing, and applying tissue paper to design well balanced floral compositions.

Bulletin board for critique. I bought a golden frame from the crafts store and used it in the center bit. great for critique

Guest Post: Analyzing Art Wall | The Art of Ed

Helpful worksheet to get students used to critiquing art. Could be used in the classroom instead of a museum - provide a few works of art at each table and let students pick the one they want to critique.

critique sheet ********************************************************************************************** Good for Fifth Grade Review

Art Worksheets - Creative Homeschooling

Create a Fall Landscape Like Grandma Moses | Harrington Harmonies

Grandma Moses for Kids

Art Room 104: 5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Display

Art Room 104: 5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Display

cute for kids to paint a paper however they want, then cut out choice of bird template. Cute display for grade level project

For the Love of Art: Art Room Sound of Colors a book about a blind girl who sees the world through sound

For the Love of Art: Art Room

Mistakes are a good thing. This is a tremendously valuable book for anyone! It's a keeper.

Pineapple Paintbrush: My Favorite Art Books for Children (Part 1)