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Love flows, from the beginning. When you meet this person. There is no awkwardness in the sense of the unknown, it is more excitement of what is to come. Yes it can be weird to get to know the other persons ways. But when you like them, all their strange ways seems to be more than okay. That is the beginning of what could be love.

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I want you to wake up and tell me "I'm so tired" because I want to whisper "Go back to sleep" and I want to hold you tighter when you do.

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Moving on. I will wait for your heart to heal.... and I am here to help you along the way. I love you enough to wait for you.

The first line applies so well to Elizabeth, though in a more dramatic way. She wants to see him broken because he seems so whole - so perfect - to her and it tears her apart. The second part applies to William because her brokenness is so evident.

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Always!!! Because I usually sleep about 2-4 hours a night. My doctor has given me sleeping pills but they don't help either. So told my doctor that I will get plenty of sleep once I am dead!!! He laughed! Belinda

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I would dismantle me to put you back together again.

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People always ask, "do you still like him?" Honestly u dont really know But I do know there's just something about him I can't let go

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