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What's making the news versus what's not: Apple I-Phone 6, I Watch, versus Military Mexico. Too busy with "status" and "materialisitc" upgrades. Meanwhile this kid is stuck in Mexico and where's the news?

Novelty Credit Card Style Safety Folding Knife - USD $ 3.59

[USD $ 3.59] - Novelty Credit Card Style Safety Folding Knife

hidden defense items - comb knife

After realizing that all his expensive sculptures do is sit in rich people’s houses all day, California-based sculptor Gregory Kloehn decided that he should create work that was more useful and meaningful. This is how the idea was born to build creative custom-made shelter houses for those in need. Tags: charity, dumpster diving, ecological architecture, faith in humanity restored, full-page, full-post, garbage, Gregory Kloehn, homeless...

Artist Transforms Trash Into Mobile Homes For Homeless

How to tell when someone has had botox. You can smile and your eyes can get bigger.. but the lines and creases (around your forehead and eyes) you get when you are excited, angry, etc - are frozen with botox. "Botulinum toxin: A toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that is the most poisonous biological substance known. "

How to get your dishwasher squeaky clean and smelling fresh! - Did this today and the dishwasher looks brand new! Awesome tip!

Super Easy Survival Bread 1 cup of fine whole wheat flour 2 tbsp. of olive oil (optional, also regular vegetable oil works too) 1 tsp. salt 1/2 cup of water Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop it togther into a ball. Lightly dust a cookie sheet, rock, or other flat surface with flour. Pour the dough ball out and knead for 5 mins. Roll out to about 1/8″ thin and bake at 350F for 20 mins.Powers out? No oven? Put it in a dutch oven instead and cook it over a fire.

Tons of tricks to make life a little easier around the house, never heard of most of these!

Garden Variety Teapot in Olive: Bob Kliss and Laurie Kliss: Art Glass Teapot - Artful Home

I wish someone would have taught me this a long time ago so I would remember gallons, quarts, pints, and cups!

If you cherished and maintained the same car for 63 years and you changed your own oil every 3,000 miles, how much money would you save? [A lot.] Margaret Dunning, a 102-year-old Michigan woman has been making headlines after her energetic appearance at a classic car show in Canton, Ohio. Dunning attended the show with her baby: a 1930 Packard 740 Roadster that she purchased in 1949 and restored to mint condition...

Sounds legit!

Another pinner wrote: After being in dentistry for 20 years.. Let me tell you a cheap secret. All tooth whitening is made of peroxide. The gels run from 6 percent peroxide to 32 percent peroxide. If you swish with hydrogen peroxide everyday you will have the same results plus excellent gum tissue! As a dental hygienist, I recommend swishing with peroxide for 1-2 minutes morning and night to all my patients. It kills bacteria that causes decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and w...

Be your own Interior Decorator. The Make Room is an easy-to-use interactive room planner that allows you to plan your unique living space.

cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot. ***have to remember this come winter!

PS Products 3/4 oz Lipstick Disguised Pepper Spray