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No. 199 -- Never be intimidated by someone who copies you. The original is always better than the sequel.

People will always talk no matter what whether your doing good or bad, they will have their opinions of what or how we should do something but it's easy to just talk the talk ...

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Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues. - Dr. Steve Maraboli

Or you know you could wear clothes and cry, still be on a wreaking ball (FULLY CLOTHED) and you know.. Stop acting like a slut....

  • Amanda Mason

    I'm sorry.. actually not really.. But she can't make a video complaining how "wrecked" she is that Liam cut it off with her. What sort of guy (or anyone in general) would be okay with their fiance twerking and grinding up on another MARRIED man's junk and air humping with a foam finger in hardly noticeable (not really even clothing) on live television. I've been in really bad relationships with guys who cheated on me and never felt so upset that I stripped naked and started licking inanimate objects. She pretty much brought it on herself. Prayers for her morals, as well as the safety of husbands serving.

  • Brea Williams

    1) miley's behavior is offensive. 2) jesus is real. 3) y'all's husbands have nothing to do with this argument. (Seriously. Do you realize how many army wives are out there? I'm one, too, and I don't go running around telling everyone to thank my husband. He doesn't do it for the attention. 4) this has skyrocketed into a pointless argument just so you all know.

  • McKenna Battle

    No she doesn't go here.... If it's Miley we are talking about. She belongs on a different planet. Like planet WHAT HAPPENED.

  • Sarah Adams

    I was just going to say...after seeing this I'm glad Taylor Swifts relationships only last a few months.

  • Bella Johnson

    why is everyone on this so rude?! whats wrong with her trying to explain herself?!

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Being An Ugly Girl Like Being A Man