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Melody Pontiff Polk

Melody Pontiff Polk

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

I had forgotten all about this

A fun project to work on over time with your daughter. Look for different costume jewelry and pins at yard sales and redecorate a plain mirror.

we will always be the best of friends, even when were old and grey but as soon as you start shitting your pants, i'm through.

if i ran the circus | dr. seus

Elementary vs. High School Teachers... Who has the tougher job?---Laughed out loud at the last one!!

  • Rachel Crosby

    True, but I still think elementary wins.... Wait until you have a 2nd or 3rd grader tell YOU about the birds and bees! Lol!

  • Darolyn Souppa

    I have taught both elementary and high school. Different issues for both. I think my 1st grade classroom is the toughest. Wouldn't touch middle....

  • Jenny Giroux-Cooper

    I wouldn't teach middle school if I got paid a professional football player's salary. Something happens between 6th grade and 9th. And it is not pretty.

  • Kyla Kortright

    Round 2 was a sucker punch! Just because some h.s. teachers don't put any effort into their classrooms doesn't mean none of us do!

  • Nicole Parry

    ^^^The point is that you could get by with only making copies for 15 minutes. If I taught secondary I would be like you :)

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Golden Girls jokes about Blanche being a slut never get old.

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Wrap Around Baby Fox Ring by WeldedHeart on Etsy, $70.00

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