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This looks so hard but I think I could do it with my friend... Only thing is I'd like the cornucopia to look more like the real cornucopia and have backpacks and stuff instead of the food. What a awesome cake though!!!

Cake sherlock! :D lol

Doctor who/sherlock cake : Terrible execution but clever idea

Sherlock Cake! @Delia Aguilar Zuani Mick ...mother! for my birthday please! :) and perhaps Benedict Cumberbatch to go along with it ♥

BBC #Sherlock cake!!!!!! I wish someone made me a Sherlock cake! Guess I'll probably have to make my own.

Sherlock cake - amazing. I WILL make this for when series 3 airs!! You know actually, I'll get someone to make it for me, I'll be too busy fangirling

This Sherlock cake...cracks me up! "Hi."

Doctor Who Cake Toppers, Gunmetal Grey Dalek Groom & Metallic White Bride,Geeky Wedding. $50.00, via Etsy.

"BE IN THE KNOW" - Today's popular trends for what's happening in the world around us - people, places and things.

My Doctor Who cake with the weeping angels!

Exploding TARDIS (doctor who cake)

Doctor Who cakes @Sabina Modée Brink Sedwick

Doctor Who cake - complete with it's own 10!

Hunger Games Cake by Great Bakes Station in Port Huron, MI


Hunger games cake!!!

This hunger games cake is freaking awesome

Hunger Games Cake {Cake on Fire}

Love & Sugar Kisses: Hunger Games Cake {Cake on Fire}