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Not sure how appropriate this is. But it's so cute for Heather's bachelorette party. Don't forget your dollar bills girls.

Ruby Scalloped Ankle-Strap Pump by Tabitha Simmons.

Turquoise Shimmer Bracelet. Beautiful

USMC Wife, who makes amazing cheesecakes. Flavors include Plain, Strawberry,Cherry, Blueberry,Double layer chocolate,Chocolate,Pumpkin,Coconut, Caramel apple, White Choc Raspberry, Reese�s,Tiramisu & Oreo.They�re like NY style but do have crust and I do put the flavored topping on top of the cheesecake. It�s homemade cheesecake. Strawberry,blueberry, and cherry are $17.00. Speciality cheesecakes are $20.00. Reese�s peanutbutter and Tiramisu is $22.00. Next day delivery. Visit Now!